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Web Resources

Here are some free web resources based on type:

Research: websites that quench your thirst for knowledge

  • A massive archive initiative containing a vast array of books, computer software, movies, website captures and even games. This is a great resource for anyone wishing to take a glance back at "life in ye olden days". Also, did I mention that everything is free to download??

  • A community based internet encyclopedia, which anyone can edit. It should not be used to do scholarly reaearch but the editors often post links to a variety of sources in which cases most can be considered to be scholarly. Wikipedia should be used to get an idea of topics that one is foggy on, but not for cited research.

  • Another nice place to find old books. Be warned: not all of them are free. Most books made before 1930 are, however.

Education: Teach yourself

  • Brainpop: A groovy little website with animated video skits about science, art, literacy, computers, and many other things. It's mainly designed for middle schoolers but adults can benefit from this aswell.

  • A wonderful family-friendly place for learning about your body.

  • W3schools: THE resource for those wishing to learn the ways of the web. Learn how languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL interact to create the websites we know and love.

  • CodeAcademy: Learn how to apply the skills from W3schools to real world applications.


Fun Zones

  • Neocities: The greatest website in the world
  • 2048: The only game I would recommend for schools..